Aaity Kumari Tamang

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“BATAS And IRW Are My New Found Children”

Name: Aaity Kumari Tamang
Sex: Female
Age: 78
Marital Status: Widow
Family Details: 4 grandsons, 1 son, 1 daughter
Address: Balkumari VDC, Ward – 3: Nuwakot District

Life had become tough for Aaity Kumari Tamang after the demise of her husband. Belonging to a marginalized ethnic group and now a single IMG_5946woman, she already had enough on her plate. Adding onto her grief, the catastrophic earthquake took away her house and whatever little she had. Furthermore her son abandoned her. She somehow managed a roof of CGI sheets above her head, using tarpaulin as walls.

Aaity was first encountered while conducting the Need Based Assessment; she had then greeted the team with a luminous smile. She said she could not believe that some strangers would actually care so much of her well being when her own family abandoned her.

For Aaity, it has been hard to manage a day’s meal with all her stored crops destroyed. The winter has made things worse. Every night she has to sleep amidst the chilling winds which the tarps haven’t been able to shield and every morning she is greeted by the freezing dew drops that fall from the CGI sheets.

After receiving winter kits from IR – Canada and IR – Australia through BATAS Foundation, her happiness knew no bound. Overwhelmed with tears, she said, “IRW and BATAS Foundation came as a ray of light in my dark life. How generous of them to take care of my needs when my own children turned their backs on me? They are like my new found children and they will forever have my blessings.”

During Post Monitoring Distribution, she thanked the team again and again. She was found to be using all the items that she could use and her grandsons were spotted wearing the ones that she could not use.