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Temporary Shelter Re-unites Blind Couple with their Family

Ganesh Bahadur Rai, 80 years an elderly man, also a patient of impaired vision as well as impaired hearing, has inhabited Gaadkhar, Chaughada-6 since the time of his ancestors. Although rich in number of offsprings, including four sons and two daughters, Maili Rai, 82 years elderly woman, his better half is the only person living with him. Unfortunately, even in day time, she needs to be guided for small daily routine like walking due to less vision power, which after sunset turns into night blindness. Except for some care and support from Sita Rai, daughter of Ganesh, they depend on each other for daily livelihood.

The land they owned has already been divided among their sons. It’s tough for them to manage food for their daily livelihood. Even if they manage the ingredients for cooking, situation gets worst by the night time as both have almost zero vision at night. The old pair has to go through 10 minutes walk in order to fetch water for daily purpose. Nevertheless, hope for further long life has been peaking daily and they are struggling for it. Not only is Ganesh Bahadur Rai but all those residing in Nuwakot, Chaughada have been compelled to take road and their continuous tears has given them eyesores. Families, that once faced the fire of 2022 which destroyed large number of houses, had to again bear the worst situation of terrible Earthquake. The only source of information, Television has turned dead. Luckily, there were no casualties and also they had access to proper WASH facilities. After spending 12-13 days under open sky, they somehow managed to find a shelter, a shutter. Apart from being victim of Natural Calamities, Government has deprived him from all support, including basic monetary disbursement. Although, Ganesh wished to be replaced to a new shelter from the shutter, there were no beacons for new shelter. Moreover, salvage materials were also not qualified enough. Except for few packets of Rice support from Agricultural Development Bank, he had not yet received any support. Also, after 15 days, he received tarps support from Batas Foundation in collaboration with Islamic Relief Worldwide. Every day spent in the small shutter made him lose hope for any scope of better life.

Blind Couple Reunite with their Family

Blind Couple Reunite with their Family

Receiving Shelter kits from BATAS Foundation in collaboration with Islamic Relief Worldwide came as a boon to the couple. Shelter kit has once again raised their hope. They, no longer live in discomfort. Apart from it, Earthquake has played a crucial role to reunite his family. Now, three generation including himself, his son and grandson are engaged in the construction of his new and safer shelter. And it feels wonderful to see his pretty small house, where nowadays, Ganesh and his wife Maili Rai spend their life being thankful for what they have. Their shelter is earthquake resistance as well as damp proof. They have put their self effort to create a better home for themselves and the entire family. The person, who had lost his battle of survival, is now filled with joy and happiness. The person who was traumatized and confused with no hope for future now is hopeful.