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Small Support was all it Needed

12 out of 14 classrooms of Bhimsen Secondary School located in Nuwakot were completely damaged by the ‘Gorkha Earthquake 2015’.  School family was clueless how to re-start the classes as earthquake have devastated their school completely. The loss of school and limit

oed hope of re-attending school had further saddened both parents and students.

Islamic Relief Worldwide in partnership with BATAS Foundation constructed 3 temporary classrooms for this school. Even if this number didn’t suffice the total requirement, this acted as ray of hope for students and school family in continuing their education. This further triggered support from other agencies in constructing temporary classrooms.  Currently 250 stuoodents are part of this school.

One of the student, 14 years old Manisha Rai opined “ Seeing the collapsed building of my school, I  thought it would take years before our school re-opens. It is amazing that we are already back to school in couple of month time. Even be it be temporary classrooms, it looks attractive. I would like to thanks both Islamic Relief Worldwide and BATAS foundation for such a generous support”

Hope Amidst Despair

HHeera Maya Shrestha from Sindhupalchok District had lost her husband 10 days before the earthquake. The disaster added onto her misery by taking away the roof from her head. Her family then had no place to live and no one to hhrely on; Heera had it all on her shoulders.

Coming as a ray of hope in her darkened life, BATAS Foundation in collaboration with Islamic Relief Worldwide provided Heera with Temporary Shelter kits. With teary eyes, she thanked the entire project team for their genuine help.


During the post-monitoring visit, Heera said, “Monsoon was around the corner and it is only because of BATAS Foundation/IRW that we are safe under the roof. Being the sole breadwinner of the family, this support has given me hope to work for a better future for my family.”

One is Allowed to Fall  but One Must Get Back up

When the bulldozer brought by Canadian Rescue Team could not enter the village in Sankhu, Govinda Lal Shrestha generously allowed his house to be demolished for the sake of community. He along with his family then began residing under the makeshift tent donated by the same team. When BATAS Foundation’s relief team approached the community, he helplessly asked if he could make some money by unloading the materials from the truck. But since he looked very weak, his request was denied. Later it was found that he also suffered from chronic rib pain.

After receiving food items and tarps from BATAS Foundation and IRW, the 55-year old man expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards their support. His family members too seemed to be thankful for the help provided. “At the wake of disaster, food items have become scarce and quite unavailable. We are aware that we can’t keep relying on the donated food, but this is a nice gesture for the time being. After all, one is allowed to fall but one must get back up,” his wife shared.