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A community of  empowered and self-sufficient individuals.


BATAS Foundation aims to become a leading Non-Governmental Organization in Nepal, committed to promote sustainable development which is also equitable and inclusive. The Foundation empowers local communities, multiplies their livelihood opportunities and ensures their safe and healthy living in risk free environment. The Foundation extends extra priority to women, children, poor and marginalized, differently able and vulnerable groups while providing support to the society.


To achieve an improved living condition of local communities.


Commitment: We are committed towards community empowerment and professional project management.

Transparency: We are transparent to each and every activities related to financial transition and program implementation.

Impartiality: We promote equality and do not discriminate anyone in the name of caste, religion, color and origin for the sake of humanity.

Accountability: We are accountable towards our beneficiaries, partners, donors and the nation.