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Humanitarian Support
Humanitarian support during the times of crisis has been the key priority of BATAS foundation. We focus primarily on saving the lives of people, alleviate pain and maintain human dignity. It has been actively involved in earthquake response at Nepal.
Some of its work under humanitarian support includes:Earthquake ResponseChild ProtectionBlood Donation
Reconstruction and Rehabilitation
Realizing the need of the hour, BATAS Foundation’s current priorities include rehabilitation and reconstruction for earthquake survivors. It has had a sound history of early recovery support in Nuwakot and Sindhupalchok Districts where it constructed a total of 2,244 Temporary Shelters and 34 Temporary Learning Centers in 17 schools. Now, with the National Priority shifting towards reconstruction, BATAS has already started working in Rasuwa for earthquake resilient permanent shelter construction, It also looks forward to rendering reconstruction support in Nuwakot for its strong network and experience in the district.
With its experience in Relief support for over nine months, BATAS understands that the need for it won’t be over within a year or two.Thus, the Foundation will continue providing relief of varied forms ranging from Food Items to Winterization support when and where required. By now BATAS has been able to build a good expertise in post disaster management and therefore if (god forbid) another disaster is to occur in the future, BATAS will be well prepared for it.

To enhance the living condition of the local population, BATAS plans to support rural communities with Livelihood Enhancement Programs in the future. Entrepreneurship is a sustainable means to help rural people understand the option they have to enhance their living condition. Thus the Foundation plans to continue its community based entrepreneurship program in different rural societies with special focus on the poor and the marginalized.